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The Process

When you decide you want a Whole or half beef you call us and we will let you know the availability and the best time to start the process. A deposit of ($500.00 for whole and $250.00 for half). is due when the order is placed.

The processor will pick up your beef at our farm and deliver it to his shop for processing.   It will take about two to three weeks after the processor receives it then it will l be ready for you to pick up.


Final payment is due when we deliver your beef to the processor and get a hanging weight.  


Beef Whole or Half $4.75 per pound hanging weight.

(Hanging weight is once it is in the freezer after the removal of hide, head, hooves, organs etc.)

Plus processing (the butcher)


How much beef

In A Nutshell an average beef losses 40% from live weight to the processers freezer and another 40% from the Processors Freezer to your take home cuts, depending on the size, shape of your animal. 




James Garrett 

Brooksville Florida

Tel: 352-585-3133

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