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How much of each cut will I receive?

The butcher would speak with you and go over all the cutting instructions so ultimately you receive the entire 1/2 beef, however you would like him to cut it.  

But for a typical half beef standard cut you will receive approximately:

  • Steaks  

    • T-Bone or New York Strip and Filet Mignon-12 3/4" Thick or  9 1"Thick

    • Ribeye or Rib Steak-12 3/4" Thick or 9 1"Thick

    • Sirloin  or Sirloin Strip/Fillet 6 3/4" Thick or, 4 1"Thick

    • Round or Cube Steak 6 3/4" Thick or, 4 1"Thick

  • Roasts (3 lb.)

    • 5–Chuck

    • 3–Shoulder

    • 2–Tip

    • 2–Rump

  • 6–Beef Stew (1 lb. packages)

  • 3–Short Ribs (1.5 lb packages)

  • 50–Ground Beef (1 lb. packages)

  • 2–Soup Bone

  • 1 Brisket 

  • Liver (4-6 one pound packages)

  • A whole beef would be twice as much and a Quarter Beef would be about half as much.  These portions may be greater for larger cows and less for smaller cows.  The shape of a cow can also be a factor when it comes to the amounts. even the way you have it processed (The cuts you choose)  Please understand no two cows are alike and this is only a guestimate we included because we get this question a lot.

Freezer space

  • Whole beef–8-12 Cubic Ft.

  • Half beef–4-6 Cubic Ft.

  • Quarter beef–2-3 Cubic Ft A quarter of beef usually fits in the freezer section of a conventional refrigerator( if it is completely empty to start with)

  • Approximately every 35 lbs of meat will require 1 cubic ft of freezer space

If your buying a new freezer we suggest an upright freezer because it helps you use the meat and we recommend getting a bigger freezer maybe 14-20 cubic ft. only because you will probably store other meats and vegetables in addition to all the delicious Beef.



The Beef on the left is a grain fed show steer notice the thick white fat.  The Beef on the right is a 100% grassfed beef and notice the yellow color of the fat.

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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