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The Process

The process

When you decide you want a Whole or Half Beef you call us and we will let you know the availability and the best time to start the process.  A deposit of ($500.00 for whole and $250.00 for half). is due when the order is placed.

Once the deposit is received we set a time for the processor to take your beef.  He will pick up your beef at our farm or we will deliver it to his shop for processing.  The processor will dry-age the beef in a climate controlled cooler for about 10-14 days before being cut.  The reason it is dry aged, is that dry-aging helps tenderize the meat (and some argue that it adds flavor).  Cutting, packaging and freezing takes another 2-3 days, so your order will be ready for pickup about two-three weeks after the date the animal went to the processor.  


Once the beef is at the processer the butcher will let us know the hanging weight so you will know the total.  (Please see what does it cost for pricing)  Final payment is due when we deliver your beef to the processor and get a hanging weight. (before you pick the meat up).


After your beef is processed we or the butcher will contact you to pick up the meat at the processor.  At that time, we ask that you pay the Butcher for the processing.

We try to keep it simple we deliver on beautiful beef to the processor and you tell him what cuts you like then you pick up the entire half or whole beef ready for your freezer. 

We also have a small herd of Katahdin hair sheep (about 20 or so)

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