So what will it really cost.

The Quick answer you pay about 4.72 per pound for halves and wholes including everything based on the hanging weight of the animal.  (side of beef hanging in the cooler)

Most of our beef has a hanging weight of around  700lbs. The cost would be. 


 Whole cow $2,695.00 ($3.85 x 700)

 Half cow $1347.50 ($3.85 x (700 x .5)

Quarter  $717.00 (4.10 x 700 x .25)

(Please don't forget to add the butcher charge below for processing your cow, this would be paid directly to the butcher). 

Processing cost for same 700 pound hanging weight cow would be (700 x .75 plus 65.00 + 15)

Whole 605.00 

Half 302.00 

Quarter 151.00

Again if you want to skip the long math 700 pounds of beef hanging in the freezer (with head, hide, hooves and entrails removed etc.) would cost about $4.72 per pound for halves and wholes and around $4.98 per pound for quarters including the butcher and the cost of the beef based on that 700 pound hanging weight.


But please note no two animals are the same and the total cost will very based on the weight of the animal.   If you have any additional questions please just give me a call and i will be happy to answer any questions you may have.