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My Family has been in Brooksville for over 5 generations.  My Grandfather use to round up cattle for .50 (cents) a day right here in this area where we  are before there was a fence law.  (but everyone has a cool story)

If you been searching for grass fed beef, you are probably pretty up to speed on all the benefits Grass Fed beef has to offer.  We try to keep it simple we give our cattle room to roam, fresh clean water, and all the sunshine and grass they need.  It’s that simple.

Things we don’t do:

We don’t feed our grass fed beef any grain

We use no antibiotics.

No Fertilizer

No pesticides or Herbicides 

GMO Free

No Hormones


We have a few hundred acres for them to graze and we sell by the whole or Half beef.   One beef at a time from our farm, to the butcher for cutting and wrapping then to your freezer for you to enjoy healthy all natural beef. 

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